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Top 10 Best Wood Lathes of 2018-2019

Wood lathe is a kind of wood machine that can turn wood into different shapes. We usually know two kinds of wood lathes, which include wood lathe with hand-held tools and wood lathe with CNC(Computer Number Control). Wood lathes are typically used to shape wood into cylindrical profiles. Objects made by a wood lathe include lamp posts, furniture legs, baseball bats, wood columns, bowls, vases, wood crafts and other ornamental forms. Wood lathe tooling includes securing and fixturing devices for the workpiece, a moveable tool rest, and hand-held lathe tools in the form of long handled scrapers, gouges, skews and parting tools. Some specialty toolings are also available for surface processing and internal shaping. Although wood lathes can take many forms depending on the primary turning operation, those on campus include the driven or rotating headstock, lathe bed, tailstock for longer objects, and an adjustable tool rest. You may call wood lathe as wood lathe machine, wood turning machine, wood turning lathe.

Best Wood Lathe for Woodturning Videos

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How does a Wood Lathe Work?

How does a Wood Lathe Work?

The wood lathe enjoys a special place among all wood machines. The wood lathe combines the art of hand tool work and the mechanical operation of a modern machine, and may be considered as a complete unit in itself on which a complete project may be made without the aid of other machines or tools.

Other wood machines we have used have revolving knives or blades that pass over or through the work. The wood lathe works in reverse, the work is revolved and the chisels are held more or less stationary.

The wood lathe is a machine which is easy to operate. However, the ability to produce good turnings quickly and accurately requires considerable skill. This can be acquired only by a knowledge of the correct methods of turning and practice in the use of the wood lathe, because the tools are manipulated entirely by hand, a process which constitutes the art of woodturning.

The wood lathe is often referred to as a speed lathe. This distinguishes it from a screw-cutting metal lathe. The principal parts of typical wood lathe are the bed, the headstock, the tailstock, and the tool rest. The bed is the main I Beamshaped cast iron base; the uppar surface is machined and is called the "ways". The headstock is the business end of the lathe which makes the wood revolve. It consists of a hollow spindle on which the pulley is attached at one end and the spur or live center at the other. The spur on most lathes is held to the hollow spindle which is internally ground to a morse taper by a friction fit because the shank of the spur is ground to an identical taper. The spur can easily be removed by inserting a wood lathe rod through the hollow shaft from the pulley end and tapping the spur.

The tailstock is machined so that it slides along the ways and can be clamped at any desired spot. The dead center is mounted in the tailstock in the same manner as the live center is held in the headstock. The two centers are the same height from the bed and in line with each other. There are two types of dead center.

1. The cup center.
2. The cone center.

The cup center is the one used on most modern lathes because it does not require a hole to be drilled to center the stock.

The tool rest is an important part of the lathe. It consists of two parts: the base which can be slid along the bed, and the tool rest which fits into the base and may be raised or lowered. Different-sized tool rests may be fitted in a standard tool rest base.

There are two general types of wood lathe:

1. "Spindle Turning" - Turning work between centers.
2. "Face Plate Turning" - Mounting and turning the work on a Hat metal face plate which is attached to the headstock in place of the spur center.

How to buy a Wood Lathe?

How to buy a Wood Lathe?

Consulting for Wood Lathe
We will recommend best wood lathe to you after getting your requirements, which should include the material you want to turn, and the max size of the material( Length * Thickness * Diameter).
Free Quotation of Wood Lathe
We will send you a free quotation with specifications, accessories, options and price according to your requirements.
Business Process Evaluation
We will evaluate and discuss all the business details(business terms, configurations and options) of the order with you to exclude any misunderstanding.
Placing an Order of Wood Lathe
If you have no doubts, we will send the PI( Proforma Invoice) to you, and then we will sign a contract with you.
Wood Lathe Manufacturing
We will arrange the wood lathe machine manufacturing after getting your contract and deposit . The latest information about your wood lathe production will be updated and informed to you during the production.
Wood Lathe Quality Inspection
The whole wood lathe machine production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The whole wood lathe machine will be tested to ensure running well before being out of factory.
Wood Lathe Shipping or Air Flight
We will arrange the shipping or air flight according to the terms we both agreed.
Custom Clearance for Wood Lathe
We will offer all the necessary shipping or air flight documents to you and ensure a smooth customs clearance.
Service and Support for Wood Lathe
We will offer professional technical support and intime after-sale service by Email, Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Online Live Chat, Remote Service around the clock. We also have door-to-door service in some areas.